We accept pull requests for bug fixes and features where we’ve discussed the approach in an issue and given the go-ahead for a community member to work on it. We’d also love to hear about ideas for new features as issues or discussions.

To Contribute do:

  • Open an issue if you got a problem or an error.
  • Open an issue to propose a significant change.
  • Open a pull request to fix a bug.
  • Open a pull request to fix documentation about any command.
  • Open a pull request for any issue labelled help wanted or good first issue.

Build Secman


  • node version >= 8.0.0


  • run yarn build to build.
  • run yarn link to link to secman and test it.

Create or submitting a pull request

  1. Create a new branch: git checkout -b my-new-branch-name
  2. Make sure your changes and new fixes are without errors and bugs.
  3. Create pull request at

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