May 10, 2021

Secman v5.3.5 Release Notes

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Today Secman v5.3.5 was released. This release comes with new commands, new websites, features, and changes, and the most important change is Secman now is self-reliant 🎊🎉,

secman doesn’t need sm folder, or verx, or cgit, or any gem, everything now on secman

If you already have Secman installed you can upgrade to v5.3.5 by running secman upg/upgrade. If you are installing Secman for the first time, you can install it by the methods at installation document.

New features and commands

Sync Command

sync commands comes with 4 subcommands

  • Start
  • Clone
  • Push
  • Pull

you can now sync your SECDIR ~/.secman, and store it at a private repo in

if you loss it, you can clone it via secman sync clone

to push and pull the new passwords just run secman sync push/pull

Look at this

push a new password it’s automatic when you insert, edit, rename, remove any password.

Open Command

open your ~/.secman from github

to open it run secman open

to open it in the browser run secman open -w\--web

for more, see Open Command Doc

New Websites

we publish 4 new websites

Change Secman Repo Form

now most commands are in pkg folder

Old Form

New Form

Make Secman is self-reliant

in old versions, secman was reliant on many files and apps

but now, secman doesn’t need all these files and apps

secman depends only on itself

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