Apr 22, 2021

Secman v5.3.4 Release Notes

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Today Secman v5.3.4 was released. This release fixed a lot of bugs, and has many features

If you already have Secman installed you can upgrade to v5.3.4 by running secman upg/upgrade. If you are installing Secman for the first time, you can install it by the methods listed below:

# Using Shell (macOS and Linux)
curl -fsSL https://secman-team.github.io/install.sh | bash

# Using PowerShell (Windows)
iwr -useb https://secman-team.github.io/install.ps1 | iex

# Using Homebrew (macOS and Linux)
brew tap secman-team/smx
brew install secman

# Using Scoop (Windows)
scoop bucket add secman https://github.com/secman-team/sm-scoop
scoop install secman

New features and commands

Auth Command

Login, logout, and refresh your authentication with github.

Manage secman’s authentication state.

  • Auth
    • Login
    • Logout
    • Refresh
    • Status

more about auth command

Repo Command

Create, clone, fork, and list repositories.

Work with GitHub repositories.

  • Repo
    • Clone
    • Create
    • Fork
    • List

more about repo command

Add Github API with secman

to authentication with github, we need api for it, so gh-api was created.

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